Client Education Series –Why Photographers charge so much?

So I feel I should write a post on this. I chat to clients about cost all the time. Its a topic that comes up time and time again and I get it. Coming from the UK, single income, pregnant and wanting newborn just wasn't in our budget. So yes I did them myself, I look back and think...could they have been better with someone who knew what they were doing...yes totally! However I still treasure those photos.

First of all I want to say...there are so many of us in this business, there is a photographer for your budget. If you google Milton photographers alone there are over 65. It may be that you go with someone just starting out and wanting to build their portfolio. I was the same, I did shoots for friends, we swapped cake making for photo taking! This was huge for me because I CANNOT BAKE! and I barely cook. My family can confirm this.

So back to the question, why do we charge so much?

Take a typical Newborn session

A session can take anything from 2 - 4 hrs and during this time were ensuring the baby is safe and relaxed. house is like Florida for those 2-4 hrs!

We have taken courses and workshops which can cost $1000's

$1000 of dollars on camera and lenses

$1000 of dollars on outfits/props/backdrops

Studio space if the photographer pay rent fees

I'm a natural light photographer but other spend money on lighting



Website/ editing software/ gallery hosting/ Backups of photos


Then comes editing after the fact, this can be 8-10 hrs of editing to create a beautiful gallery. Another hour to upload the photos to an online gallery, deliver the photos to my client, Wait for my clients to make their final decisions and then deliver their final products.

Now I've probably missed things on this list, but this is what I can think of at the moment.

Now I may not make people happy by saying this but you pay for what you get. I've been one of those super cheap photographers and if you read my last can see the growth in my images. As photographers we all start somewhere and most I've met and I'm friends with are self taught. So this is where i want to say again....there is always someone out there for your budget. Do I get offended when someone tells me I'm too expensive for them? ... No .... because before I was a photographer, I was you! It's probably why I started in the business. I couldn't afford the photographers who I still look up to, so I did it myself!

Here's a reminder of the difference in my growth again

I will say this, when going with a photographer, make sure you like their work and they know what they're doing.....its the biggest thing for me!

This rings true especially with newborns.....I've seen photographers starting out who don't understand the safety that's needed with these little humans. They don't understand composites and have a newborns balanced on all sort of items. This is scary!!

CHEAP isn't always best when it comes to safety.

There is no governing body for photographers in Canada and there is no such thing as a licensed photographer in Canada. So choose wisely.

For many of my family clients and couples, professional photos serve as a precious time capsule of a particular moment that will never be repeated. Engagement. First baby. Five year anniversary. Family member no longer with us. Two, ten, or twenty years later, these clients are infinitely grateful to have gorgeous, clear, vibrant photos that they can reflect on, share, and enjoy for the rest of their lives. Speaking from experience, when that's all you've got left of a person/ matters!