Why Photo's matter

So I'm going to share a little bit about myself and why I think photos matter.

I lost my mum to Breast Cancer when I was 16 and looking back at photos, there weren't as many of her as my sister and I would have liked. She hid behind the camera and from the camera and after having my first son I found myself doing the same. I hated the way I looked.

I think we as mum's and woman can be so self critical, when I look back at photos of my mum all I see is my beautiful mum and think of fond memories. As I'm sure all of you do to when looking back on your family photos.


So why do we think our kids will not do the same.

I made a decision shortly after realizing what I was doing that I would be in the photos more. Now this isn't that easy when your other half is useless at taken photos. Most of my photos with the kids are selfies.

So I make sure as a family we have photos done every year....cause my husband's not wired to think....Sarah's playing with the kids....i'll take a picture. He also enjoys cutting my head off or the image is out of focus. If I'm honest I still hate having my photo taken...probably why I ended up with a job on the other side of the camera. I will however always try to be in the photos cause one day, when I'm not here, I want my boys to have images of me to look back on.