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What to expect from your Newborn session

Okay, so I feel like this is a good one to talk about as I get lots of questions about when to book, what to bring, what happens, etc.

Some clients will wait till the baby has arrived to contact me and book their session! My reply for this is don't wait, once you've had the 12wk scan, message me. The date of your impending arrival certainly is not set in stone, but you can reserve my time. I set aside 3/4 dates so we can be flexible and fit you in once the baby has arrived. Even if the baby is born with jaundice..... don't wait till it's gone....newborn photographers know how to remove the yellowness in Photoshop.

I have 2 styles for newborn sessions. They either take place in my home studio or in the comfort of your own home. Both sessions are very different in style.

Newborn sessions in my studio are more posed. During these sessions, I can control the atmosphere, the lighting, and the environment altogether while having full access to an array of props and backdrops.

During an In-home session, I work with your home environment. I bring a few wraps to swaddle baby in if you want, but I create images using your room, furniture, clothing, and everyday surroundings. This combined with relaxed posing creates a nice relaxed and casual tone for the session images.  

It is best to photograph newborns for studio sessions during the first 3 weeks of life because they are more likely to sleep through different settings, and they take well to being positioned. These sessions can take up to 4 hours. I don’t shoot the whole time. Most of the time we’re positioning the baby into those cute poses, swapping blankets, cleaning baby's mess, feeding baby, burping or doing whatever it takes to make the baby happy. In-home sessions the baby's age can be any age and we can be more flexible. These sessions aren't as long as studio sessions as we shoot the baby in more natural poses.

All newborn sessions include sibling and family shots. In the in-Studio session, we do these first as most siblings' attention spans last no more than an hour so these are done first and then we concentrate on individual baby shots. This way the rest of the family has the option of leaving sooner. Since your newborn will be naked most of the time, we use space heaters to keep your baby really warm during the photoshoot. So this means my house is like Florida for those hours and I recommend clients dress lightly.

With both sessions, you're welcome to bring items you want to be photographed. I'm always happy to incorporate heirlooms or special items into your images.

I only take a limited amount of sessions a month so book early to avoid disappointment. You can never book too early for a newborn session.

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