What to expect from a Maternity photo shoot

Maternity photography, November 7th 2018

Pregnancy is such a beautiful and short lived time and celebrating it with maternity photos is an awesome way to look back. I encourage every pregnancy woman to get them, speaking from experience, you don't want to regret not getting them. With my first pregnancy I was totally feeling insecure about how my body was changing and how I looked. I never got them and I now regret it. Any professional photographer with the experience and skills will be able to make you look your best during this wonderful time.

When is the best time to come in for a maternity session?

It really just depends on how big you would like your baby bump to be in your photos.  I recommend, any time between 29 weeks to 36 weeks. Just don’t wait too long, you’d hate to go into labor and miss your shoot.  And yes, this happens!

Where does the session take place?

My maternity sessions are all shot on location and normally during the golden hour, the hour before sunset. I can recommend the locations I use or we can use a location of your choice.

What should I wear to my session?

The tighter the better. Loose may feel more comfortable, but during the session we want to show off that beautiful belly. I have several studio gowns that you're welcome to use or we can shoot in your own clothes or gown, if you have one.

Are family members allowed in the session?

Yes husbands and siblings are welcome, even siblings of the fur kind. Capturing your family’s love and relationships in your photographs is my aim so the images will be cherished by everyone. My style for Maternity is the same as for my family sessions. I love to capture emotion in your images with candid images as well as posed.