Three things I love about newborn photography

Well lets face it, my number one love is the newborn snuggles! My babies aren't babies anymore. At 3, 5 and 7, the snuggles I get from them.....If I get them, are very different. My start in photography began after the birth of my 1st son, although it was a long time before I started shooting for clients who weren't friends first. I was in love with capturing every single tiny detail so that I would never forget. That initial love has grown to wanting to capture that for all of my clients.

The 2nd thing is that I am challenged for those few hours of the session. Every baby…just like every person…is different. We all have different likes and dislikes and I get the challenge of trying to determine what works for each sweet new one. I love this part of newborn photography because it allows me to continue to grow and every gallery at the end is different.

Lastly I love hanging out with new families and getting to know them while I get to provide memories that they get to cherish for the rest of their lives. For me this is a unique and beautiful gift that I can provide and I love getting feedback from those clients when they receive their galleries.

Below is one of my last newborn sessions from 2018 and the review this lovely family gave me made me smile. They were such a joy to hang out with and get to know.

" We had an absolutely amazing experience working with Sarah! She was experienced, patient and totally embraced the “joys” of working with newborns (this includes all the “diaper-free” moments as well lol) 🤣 She captured our family so well and I am so happy we had the opportunity to work with her. Her creativity and willingness to think outside the box to get amazing shots was amazing, and really paid off in the photos. I will absolutely use her again and will be recommending her to my friends and family. Thank you Sarah for making our time together so enjoyable and for capturing such amazing moments with our family!"