My approach to family photography

Family photos, in my opinion, shouldn't be boring. I try to capture your family as they are and in a real moment. My sessions are not for those families who want studio backgrounds and loads of forced group photos. I try creative images that give insight into how you were at that certain time of your lives.

Being a mom to 3 boys, I know all too well that this includes tantrums and snotty faces. I know exactly how they can be, they may get tired, and that is fine, there will be no pressure on your kids.

This can also go for the husbands too ;-)

My aim is to make it fun and capture images that portray their true character. Images you will treasure forever

Take this photo, my youngest was a mid-tantrum, my eldest was hungry and my middle isn't even looking at the camera but I love it! It shows there personalities back then. They're much better at family pics now but its fun to look back and remember. The key to my session is really and truly RELAX and have fun with your family. Please don't stress that the kid's arent sitting and smiling nicely. I will capture their personalities either way.

Don't feel awkward, although I know I'm awkwardly standing in front of you guys asking you to pretend I'm not there, these sessions are about you, not me.

I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 15 and some of my favourite pictures of her are the most natural ones and that is what fuels my love of family photography! I want to create images where you can see the natural connection between everyone.

It's not a total unruly event, I do provide some guidelines and poses for sure!  I help you to relax and find your groove in the session.  It can take a little bit for the kids to warm up to photo sessions. Even if that means giving the kids a tickle or playing with them at the session.

Although I will always take a couple of photos with you looking at the camera and smiling, this is not the sole focus of my sessions. I want your images to show the real connection that is unique to you and your family.