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In-home Newborn Session

I wanted to share a typical in-home session. Clients don't always know the difference between studio and in-home sessions and what's included and not. Now before I share some images and info, I first want to say that some clients will wait till the baby has arrived to contact me and book their session!

My reply for this is don't wait, once you've had the 12wk scan, message me. The date of your impending arrival certainly is not set in stone, but you can reserve my time. Even if the baby is born jaundice, has baby acne..... don't wait till it's gone....newborn photographers know how to remove all of this in Photoshop.

During an In-home session, I work with your home environment. I bring a few wraps to swaddle baby in, but I create images using your room, furniture, clothing, and everyday surroundings. This combined with relaxed posing creates a nice relaxed and casual tone for the session images. I love in-home sessions, mainly, because there’s just something about being at home and in your “safe place”, or “comfort zone” with your family that just simply changes the way my clients interact with me and, overall, makes for a fun, personal and intimate gallery.

I’m a natural light photographer so your home will need to have a decent amount of natural light. Make sure you’ve got ALL of your blinds/curtains wide open and ready, letting all of that gorgeous natural light in for when I arrive.

I've been asked, "do I need to stage my house or do anything special to it?" The answer is no but if your house is a cluttered mess… it’s going to show in the images. You definitely don’t need to go out and purchase items to decorate, but the more you clean up and prepare for your place to be photographed. Ie: remove all of the bills and papers from your fridge, etc… little things like that make a huge difference.

You really don’t need to overthink things with these sessions. It’s very much a lifestyle session, so I essentially just come on over and hang out with your family and I bring my camera along. I come loaded with prompts and fun ideas to make it as personal as it can be!

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