Client Education Series –How to choose your photographer.

So my plan had been to blog once a month but with the summer holiday and the kids home, I've not had the time. So now that the kids are all in school, I thought I kick the school year off with a new blog.

Now if you're reading this you may be pregnant or considering family pics and I hope this helps.

Review the photographers work.

Most experienced photographers have a website with an extensive portfolio and an active social media presence. The biggest question you should ask yourself is "do you like their work?". Don't book a photographer because your neighbor down the road used them if you don't like their work. In the end you wont be happy with the images. If you see images on pinterest you like, find the photographer who took those images and book them. You are likely to really like the image because the photographer has practiced it and is passionate about that style, a different photographer may have never taken that photo before and if its a different style you are likely to be disappointed with the end result. If you’ve decided you like a particular photographer’s style more than the one your booking, you’ve chosen the wrong photographer.

This may sound obvious, but it's not something that people always consider. If you are looking to have some outdoor portraits, its good to go with a photographer who mainly does outdoor photography and uses natural light. If you are looking for portraits of your children, it makes sense to choose someone who specializes in family photography, rather than pet photography. Not all photographers can produce an entire gallery of great images. To get a better sense of the photographers work, ask to see an entire gallery from a recent session. See if their work is consistent. Do you like their edits? Do you like their poses?

Reviews and recommendations.

This helps when you want to get a feel of the photographer you're looking at. Are they good with children? Are they relaxed? Having your photographs taken in front of a stranger can be very daunting, you want someone to make it as relaxed and fun as possible!  Previous clients, who have gone through the entire process with a photographer will be able to gauge the experience from start to finish. They will be able to tell you if they were happy with the way the photographer interacted with their family. Did they get their images when promised? How was the quality of their gallery? And the most important question, would they use the photographer again?


Ideally this should be the last thing on your mind, but usually it's the first. Now the cost of a photographer can vary greatly. Again, don't let this be your only deciding factor. Most photographers have pricing information available on their website and you should look carefully at the packages that are available. Photographers who are just starting out generally don't charge as much as a photographers who have been in the business 10+ yrs. However prices don’t always correlate with quality, I’d always urge you to buy the very best you can afford rather than opt for the cheapest photographer. This is a huge factor esp if you're looking for a newborn photographer. I know I'd personally prefer a photographer who's shot more than 10 newborns and is trained and can handle them safely.

Finally, go with your gut. Don't just price shop - look at their work. Fall in love. Ask your friends. Price shouldn't be the only thing on your mind if you know the quality is good and the photographer will go above and beyond. Remember you'll want to look back on your photos and remember your family in awe.