Covid-19 precautions

In light of Covid-19, the following measures have been put in place to ensure my clients are safe while they are at the studio. We want to be extra vigilant for your family and new baby.

Many of the following measures were already taken for each newborn session as my studio is in my home.

The studio is vacuumed and mopped with a disinfectant prior to each session as always. All counter surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant.  Additional cleaning is being done including wiping down doorknobs, light switches and taps before and after each session.

All backdrops/ props/ outfits/ wraps/ blankets will be cleaned after each session, this was already done before Covid. There will no longer be toys in the studio for siblings and at this time I ask for no outside props.

As my studio is in my home, my children will be home, however, my husband is working from home and will be watching them during sessions and they will be upstairs out of the way.

All Clients are required to disclose and reschedule the session if their child or anyone coming to the studio has had a fever or any other symptoms such as cough, runny nose or throwing up in the last 24 hours. There is no fee to reschedule. If I come down with any cold or illness symptoms, I’ll continue to advise clients and cancel and reschedule sessions as needed.

During studio sessions, I’ll be wearing a face mask, washing my hands frequently and using hand sanitizer more frequently. Clients will still be asked to remove shoes at the door.

Until further notice, I will only be scheduling ONE studio session every other day to ensure 48 hours between time for thorough sanitization and cleaning. I will also be asking for the time being that sessions are limited to immediate family only. All Family sessions will be held outdoors as before Covid. I will be shooting all outdoor sessions with a long lens to make sure I keep a safe 6” distance from my clients!

Hope this helps going forward.

Sarah x

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