A year in Review - 2018

I can't believe another year has come and gone! I'm going to try to post a ‘Year in Review’ each year, as a way of looking back and reflecting on how many wonderful things can happen in just 365 days!

I'm so grateful to all those clients, new and returning, who trusted me to take photos of their most important life events. There are so many people to thank...I would run out of characters in my post if I thanked everyone who has made and continues to make my dream job a reality.

I would never have thought when I moved here that I would end up with a job I Love. I came from a Cancer research background and although I enjoyed this career, once I had kids, I wanted to be able to stay home and have a job I could do around the kids school. To all my friends who let me use them at the beginning for practice and who continue to let me shoot them, THANK YOU.

This year brought many beautiful new babies and families in front of my camera. And while they were all different people, one thing was very much the same - love.

From snow to sunshine, my clients trusted me to document their most sentimental memories. This year also brought new experiences for me and put me out of my comfort zone! I am naturally a shy person so this was hard for me but I know these things help me grow as a photographer.

I cant wait to see what 2019 brings. So please enjoy this collection of just a few of my favourites from 2018.